My parents got me a SNES on launch day baby


In this episode of “My Retro Life” (formerly “Home Video”) my parents do their best to give me the gaming night of my life at age 5.

“Bonk to the Future” in a new episode of GAME SCAN TV


It’s the inaugural episode of our “new” series Game Scan TV! What better way than to kick off the rebranding of Sega Channel with an episode all about Air Zonk – which was basically Bonk rebranded! 

A city is under siege in our first ever iRetroGamer LIVE broadcast featuring ESWAT


When we decided to rebrand from Sega Channel to and launch a new website, one thing we wanted to make sure we had was a Livestream show. Now, thanks to my cousin Manny (the Former King of Games) and, we have a cool new show broadcasting LIVE every Monday at 10 PM CST

TheNintendoDoctor is giving away a free “Sonic Classic Heroes” reproduction cart


Youtube collaborations in the Retrogaming community are awesome! Whether it’s one Youtuber guesting on another’s show, or a completely derivative work, a collaboration is usually a win-win situation for both channels. 

Shauntendo64 digs into Volume 82 of Nintendo Power


Remember Nintendo Power? Of course you do! If you owned a Nintendo Entertainment System in the late 80’s / early 90’s, it was nearly impossible to live without at least knowing about it. For many of us, it was standard reading. Personally, it probably played a major part in helping me learn to read.