What could possibly go wrong discussing the maligned feline Bubsy


The 1993 colored glasses are off as iretrogamer.com discusses this fractured furry fail. 

This indie film from 1983 celebrates video games and classic horror movie monsters


Attention retrogamers and horror movie buffs. “Treasure of the Haunted House” is an indie film my Dad made in 1983 that pays homage to both video games and Universal movie monsters. It aired on HBO a couple of times in 1983 but has long been forgotten in the decades since. The film stars veteran comedian Max Alexander in his first film role.

Dedicated in loving memory of my Dad. Little did you know when you made this film – it’s biggest fan would be your son.

Nerd shows off his SEGA treasures in new ROOM OF DOOM episode

IRG_banner_chrispowell copy

Our friend Chris Powell (Editor at SegaNerds.com) takes us on a tour of his ROOM OF DOOM and even shows off a Yu Suzuki treasure. Check out our exclusive documentary on the man, the myth, the KING – of the SEGA NERDS.

Volume 2 of “The Genesis Power Team” highlights import gaming from 1992


Less than a year after we recorded our “Genesis Power Team” promo, my Dad and I (along with my Mom) made a followup tape featuring the newest games we owned at the time. Includes lots of import games, a rarity for any American family in 1992!

“Quite simply one of the coolest videos on the internet. Watch this dad start pick up videos… YEARS before YouTube. This is stellar.” – Aaron Stapish

New episode of Game Scan TV is all about Game Freak’s Jerry Boy on the SNES


Jerry Boy was a slime ahead of his time! Marc from “My Life in Gaming” joins us as we take a look at this early Game Freak title for the Super Nintendo (SNES) – a game that was horribly altered in it’s US localization.